Portrait of the Artist as a Man
December 13, 2015

Tier 1 Graphic Standards: Inappropriate Applications

This poem was created by copying lines directly from the VA Tier 1 Graphic Standrds Manual. It’s kind of like blackout poetry in that I deleted words whole from sentences but did not reorder anything. These sentences appear in order from start to finish in the manual - though I had to take some liberty in some text given how the it appeared on the page.

The original Official
was created to represent the
newly established Department
Its regally distinguished rendering
respectfully reflects the esteemed
status; This symbol,
So pure and
so effective
timeless and
stately and
in all reproductions
is paramount, is lasting,
is well-known,
is unchangeable. Is

Proper use will lay a timeless
identity. Never use less, never overlay,
never alter, never alter,
never alter, never reposition,
skew, rotate, distort,
never omit
the one-color:
rule to white.
Convert the rule to white.
Never reverse.

Please note grouping of colors.
stay within the same color
group. The color is
sufficiently dark,
body reversed to white.
If reversed to White
appear smaller.

Never overlap; Never vary;
Never expand smaller heads
Never apply garish effect to
contract; Never slant.
Never use any unapproved faces.

The personality is clean,
Less is more. Do not add color.
Colors should be next to each other,
and they should be visually appealing.
Never apply whimsical ornamentation
which only serve to diminish
importance and credibility.
Emotions generated should include
respectful observance,
quiet urgency, deep
importance, exalting dedication, and
ceaseless progress. Respect our flag.

Allow the full beauty
and reverence to show.
Not everything has to be a rectangle.


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