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August 8, 2021

Connected thinking

I am taking to Obsidian.md pretty well.

Graph view of linked notesGraph view of linked notes

I started this week being more deliberate with actually capturing thoughts. I added to my daily morning processing, all accomplished by Shortcuts, a templates daily note. I’d already been running through all my events and tasks for the day so it was fairly easy to compile that into a note to write in for the day. The other looks something like this:



  • Meeting 1
  • Meeting 2
  • Time block for task 1
  • Lunch
  • Etc Notes/Thoughts New tasks to add

The idea being anything I think of that I want to remember or maybe do something with later, it goes into this note now.

Before, let’s say an email came in asking of X control or workflow or whatever needed to do Y to be keyboard accessible. I’d write my response, double check my assertions with a few sources, and send the email.

This week, I’d capture that response, the sources, and related ideas into a daily note. At the end of the day, I look through the note and move any new tasks that I didn’t already do go into my task manager and then do something with that note.

Take 8/4’s note:

Example of a rendered noteExample of a rendered note

So I did some research on HTML roles that I wanted to capture. So I wrote it down and at the end of the day, turned that into a NEW note and embedded it back into the daily note.

So the actually note looks like this:

Example of actual note textExample of actual note text

The ![[text]] is the transclusion link to the now-separate-but-linked note on the Role attribute.

So this is… kinda revelatory. The top most image is the start of my interlinked notes nodes. I’ve imported allllll the writing I did at Wrestling With Franklin over the years and am pulling out useful concepts and creating the links. I’m doing the same with accessibility-related writings that I’ve got all over the place. You see some of the central nodes starting to form.

More complex days include meetings that become their own notes in a meeting folder that includes notes and tasks and other links out to things. So it’s an ever growing network of stuff outside of my head that I can now manipulate and expand.

It’s a second brain made manifest. In the future, when I have an idea I can add it here and add links and wander those links to generate new ideas. Neat, right?

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