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May 3, 2021

Tiny tiny cannons

It’s one thing to power something using our own muscles, but the entire point of building an engine is to avoid manual labor and have the device exert the effort instead. To do that we need to find a reliable source of a strong force that is easy to direct. Thankfully, such device was invented hundreds of years ago — a cannon does exactly what we need. In the demonstration below you can observe how a cannon ball is fired from a cannon.

Source: Internal Combustion Engine — Bartosz Ciechanowski by Bartosz Ciechanowski, https://ciechanow.ski/internal-combustion-engine/

First, +1 points for accessible, global animation switches. Motion can induce nausea and nauseated people are disengaged people!

Second, +1 point for color coding the engine components and using that to build the schematics. Very nice visual narrative.

Otherwise, I love the idea that an engine is really a bunch of tiny cannons firing in a closed system. I mean, it pretty much is except the ball is a piston that directs the energy….

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