Portrait of the Artist as a Man
February 16, 2023

Internalized capitalism is so fetch these days

Internalized capitalism generally refers to people who feel guilty when they rest, undervalue their achievements and prioritize work over well-being. It can be saying things like I should be doing more” or I should be farther along.” 

Source: https://chicago.suntimes.com/well/2021/6/18/22539945/internalized-capitalism-putting-work-before-health-happiness-signs-mental-health-wellness

I have internalized capitalism and lack of self-worth so well that, not only do I do this, but I seem to refuse to acknowledge the network effects of my work.

Consider that the entire accessibility process and division at work exists cause of me and the work my steering committee has done over the last 8 years. Literally none of this would exist otherwise.

Yet, I just seem incapable of allowing myself garner some of the credit for it. My brain refuses to accept that happened because of the work I do” is as valuable as I did that work myself.”

It’s quarterly review time, if you’d not guessed.

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January 7, 2023

Obsidian Note Compiler

I have wanted an automated way to compile transcluded notes together rather than having to manually copy pasta a bunch of notes together. So, i created an iOS Shortcut that can do it for me. It is very simple and potentially inefficient so take care when you try it out. It will NOT alter any notes involved but instead create a new merged note made up of the text.

Here’s the iCloud link. Explanation of how it works follows. https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/a5ebf572834f4a909ba0c79b01441ecf


  • Shared/starting note: note shared into the shortcut
  • Merged note: resultant compiled note from shared note and transcluded notes
  • Transcluded note: any note referenced by “![[note name]]” in the shared note

How the shortcut works On import of the shortcut, you are asked two questions.

  1. Where to source your note files
  2. Where to save them

For 1, I use my base Obsidian vault folder. if your database is huge, this may result in slower response times because of how the Shortcut gathers note file references.

For 2, it will default to your Shortcuts folder but you can save it wherever Shortcuts has access.

This shortcut accepts selected text from within a note or a note file from within your Obsidian vault. If neither are provided, it will prompt you to select the file you want to compile.

It will then parse through the shared note text to match any ![[note name]], including any with an |alias”, text in the body. When found, the shortcut will find that transcluded file by file name in the source folder you provided on import and grab the text of it. In the shared note, the ![[note name]] text is replaced by the text of the transcluded note.

There are some important caveats for how this works.

  1. In order to work, the shortcut has to gather a list of all the notes that could be transcluded in the note you’re trying to compile. If you know that your notes are only in a subset of folders, you can select that folder for the first import question instead of your base vault folder.

For me, I set it to be the base vault folder. With about 500 notes in the database, it takes about 5 seconds to gather those files for reference later in the shortcut. YMMV.

  1. This will only work with ONE LAYER DEEP of transclusion. If your transcluded note has transcluded notes, this will NOT gather those notes. I do not intend to add that any time soon because it makes the shortcut FAR more complex, more complex than my personal needs and potentially beyond my skill set to accomplish readily.

  2. Both the supplied note and the transcluded notes will NOT be edited. The text is just taken from them and merged together. The compiled note is saved to the folder location you set in the second import question.

There are probably more efficient ways to do what this is doing so if you figure any out, feel free to drop a comment in the post you found the link to this on Reddit or the Obsidian forum.

I’d recommend you test this before using it seriously just in case. it shouldn’t edit any existing files but sometimes Shortcuts does weird things.


January 3, 2023

Little Joys

A selection of things I was grateful for this year

Part of my regular morning routine includes prompts to enter things for which I’m grateful. Often, it’s something small like a warm rain, finding a cat whisker, and sometimes it is big like my partner calling me on my fatalism or a friend showing up for me. I log them to a pinned entry in my journal so it appears at the top of the list so I can find it if I need a little positivity.

Here’s a selection of things I was grateful for in 2022.


  • N95 masks


  • Pill pockets and kitty Gogurt


  • Erri pooping
  • Spring rain
  • CSS transforms


  • plum blossoms
  • Autonomy


  • Beautiful, warm weather
  • Alysk’s kindess


  • Erri snuggles
  • Alyska’s confidence in tree pruning


  • Buuurrrrriiiittttoooooooo


  • Finding the right slice of data


  • Frozen soup
  • Crushable antibiotics

Little joys may be all we get some days; so, remember them.

January 31, 2022

On Principles

It’s not just a one-time principled stand, either. Neil Young is an artist with a lifetime of principled credibility. Cynicism runs so deep right now that many people overlook the obvious: that Young is putting his money where his mouth is by pulling his catalog from Spotify. There is no catch

Source: An Assortment of Links and Observations Regarding the Neil Young –Joe Rogan Spotify Saga, https://daringfireball.net/2022/01/young_rogan_spotify_saga

  1. It’s true that people don’t trust people doing anything just” in principle.
  2. That is, in part, because capitalism has made it nearly impossible for people to do so because it generally means losing out on money.
  3. It is a privilege that Young can do pull all his catalog from an entire platform but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad or empty gesture.

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Wrestling with Franklin

January 18, 2022



If you do it daily, you are less likely to forget. Muscle memory of mind and body helps. The power of activity batching’ helps.

But is every day too much? To write every day? To get fit’ every day?

No, it’s perfect.

Source: Productivity Re-boot, 2, https://blog.strategicedge.co.uk/2022/01/productivity-re-boot-2.html

I have semi-inadvertently done this? I do exercise followed immediately by art time. Reading is half about reading and half about introspection/learning journaling. So when I do one of my desired daily habit, it naturally leads to or includes other things.

Habit linking.

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January 14, 2022

Decision quality

Do not equate the quality of a decision with the result of that decision.

For example: If you decided to drive home drunk and you happen to make it home safely, nobody would say that the positive outcome” means you made a good decision” in that scenario.

Yet, we so often apply hindsight bias” to our decisions: We look back at the decisions which resulted in a poor outcome as being bad decisions and the decisions with a positive outcome as being good decisions.

Source: Thinking in Bets, Shawn Blanc, https://shawnblanc.net/2022/01/thinking-in-bets/

We make decisions with the best information available. If that choice doesn’t pan out, it’s not a quality problem in the decision, it’s a lack of information. Circumstances change. Context matters.

Failure, also, is how we learn. Choosing to try something new is how we grow.

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