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Chip drop distribution venue Our second chip drop developed a bad case of wasps so distribution was stalled while we worked that out. Turns out to be easier than you think to fix.

Wood chips are hospitable to wasps for nesting because they tend to be loosely packed, dry, temperate and easy to turn into best paper. They can get in there and work quickly.

Not wanting to render 10yd3 of wood chips useless it’ll toxic, we sought non chemical was to drive them out. Turns out the simple thing to do is make the pile inhospitable. We took away the dry” and temperate” by training a garden sprinkler on the pike for a few days last week. Today, the pile feels like a furnace. The water kickstarted they composting process. So not only is it no longer dry. But it is also 160+ degrees in there.

So… back to shoveling it around the yard. No wasps but back to sweaty yard work. A pyrrhic victory of a sort.

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