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April 2, 2021

What work should be

But all of these arguments are built on the supposition of work as the primary, enduring locus of meaning in your life. Think of it this way: Maybe office workers feel the need to make friends at work is because they spend so much time working that there’s little time to cultivate or sustain friendship elsewhere. Maybe it’s so hard to make friends in your 30s because you’re working all the time.

What remote and hybrid works supposes — and what this book I’ve been working on these last six months with my partner, Charlie, argues — is the potential for a different posture towards work, in which, again, the work itself becomes malleable, even an accessory, to the rest of our lives.

Source: The Future of Remote Work is the Opposite of Lonely by Anne Helen Petersen, https://annehelen.substack.com/p/the-future-of-remote-work-is-the

We seem to have lost the thread in this late stage capitalistic society. Work is to support a life worth living, not the other way around. And while I, specifically, call what I do a vocation, I still don’t want to do it constantly.

But the idea that I could blend it into my life in a way where I can, say, work from a coffee shop some days, have a quiet office some days, or even finish up a task in the evening without feeling guilty? That would be nice.

If at the end of the day, everyone is satisfied with the things I’m accomplishing and I’m making deadlines, why does it matter when or how long I work on a given day?

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