Portrait of the Artist as a Man
May 7, 2016

This is Courtney

I used to be more bashful about portraits, even with friends. Of late, I am more strongly compelled by my desire, if not need, to capture an excellent shot when the opportunity presents. The light yesterday coming through the windows at this coffee shop was magnificent.

This is Courtney. She is a wonderful human being both inside and out. She would, of course, vehemently laugh it off.

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" What to say next? ">  What to say next?  

Thinking that doesn’t hide the light in her eyes.

She, like most people, doesn’t like having a camera trained on her. She, like many, thinks she isn’t a particularly attractive person.

She, like most people, is wrong.

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" I can give you cherubic and elfin. ">  I can give you cherubic and elfin.  

Until you mention that she is blushing.

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" &nbsp;Man, don't point out my cheeks ">  &nbsp;Man, don't point out my cheeks  

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" What are you doing to me ">  What are you doing to me  

At which point the light bubbles over in to endearing and delighted laughter. Which always gives way to reluctant, and a little dubious, amusement.

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" You say these things....  ">  You say these things....


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