Portrait of the Artist as a Man
February 16, 2019

One Corgi Butt

Corgi buttCorgi butt

Seen at MSN. This dog was on my flight to Denver > California. He was adorable and well behaved. I think he just passed out after takeoff. Good omens I suppose because the trip was to quell a fire at a customer in California.

I did not expect my job ever to include these sorts of things, namely being The Person who can fix a specific thing. Being the person who is first on the list dispatched to do so. To be in the room where everyone looks at me and simultaneously say send him”.

I am truly happy that it is, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not something I would have self selected when I started. I also would have assumed feeling far more pressure to succeed but find myself, like this corgi, absolutely chill and relaxed heading into a tight space.

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