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October 18, 2021

On executive awareness….

Interesting report I suggest you read.

Two out of every three executives (66%) believe they’re being very transparent” regarding their post-pandemic remote-working policies. Less than half of workers (42%) agree.

Similarly, 81% of executives say their company’s leadership is transparent about sharing new developments that affect the company.” Only 58% of employees concur.

I personally think that executives should be far, far more open on decisions that affect the company. Not necessarily is it do what employees say” but talking about where you think things are going and WHY.

My recent experience has been a lot if we are being transparent. Here’s a wiki” followed by policy change that wasn’t even in the wiki as a thing going on.

Transparency is not just announcing things at full company meetings…

Findings from the Pulse survey show marked differences between executives and employees—from return-to-office preferences to perceptions of transparency to employee experience and how workers are feeling:

• Most executives (66%) report they are designing post-pandemic workforce policies with little to no direct input from employees.

• While two-thirds of executives (66%) believe they’re being very transparent” regarding their post-pandemic” policies, less than half of workers (42%) agree.

Honestly, it feels like a lack of empathy. Well, I like it this way so everyone must.”

Source: https://futureforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Future-Forum-Pulse-Report-October-2021.pdf


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