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March 8, 2021

On doing versus improving.

When we do our job, what happens to it? Does it go away, to be replaced by tomorrow’s endless list of tasks? What would happen if we had enough confidence and trust to reconsider the implications of how we do what we do? Seth’s blog: https://seths.blog/2021/02/im-just-doing-my-job/

I have never been great at just doing a thing. I am regularly trying to find ways to do better.” With work, it’s valuable because it keeps me advancing - new skills, new efficiencies, better results.

But. In life? This can be a problem. Take hobbies. Hobbies should be fun and enriching. I have an incredibly hard time just enjoying a hobby if there is no value” it produces. My last hobby? I turned it into a business. And 5 years later, I was completely tired of it.

Now I don’t do that anymore.

Though I’ve tried, I can’t convince myself that doing a thing because I like it is enough. And that’s sad.


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