Portrait of the Artist as a Man
August 22, 2014

New Evidence


A question… If someone indicates that they can do something that you do faster than you do, simpler than the way you do it or gets quantifiable better results than you’re getting, what is the very first part of your default response?’

If your answer didn’t include Curious’, are you sure your answer is serving you?

That is where I eventually get. Curiosity and an emphatic desire to learn is the best quality in a person. I am, inherently, a student.

However - the first. I am a human and a perfectionist to boot. My first response, born from a lifetime of Do Betters and Not Enoughs and I Am Bads, is devastation that I hadn’t figured it out myself.

Because I have a generally low self opinion, this spirals down ward into the above self-effacement of anything previous considered good. Obviously, what I thought was good was only mediocre in light of new evidence.

The blinding light if new evidence has burned away and quality my previous product had.

However - the second. I am a curious person and know that I am me and am not you and drag behind me a host of other experiences in my baggage. That I arrived where I am is a wonder and now I have an opportunity to learn more and be and do better.

Because I understand the above about myself, I eventually come out if the emotional reaction and see past this new evidence. There are days where it just takes longer.

Emotions are powerful and it is impossible to stop that initial reaction. It is trained into us for years, heathy or otherwise. They, though, inherently illogical and possible to get through.

When you do… Well then, that is how we get better at anything.


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