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December 7, 2016

Mashy mashy

People scoff at me when I tell them how much I read or write or research on productivty, time management, and self-improvement. I’ve read at least half a dozem books in the last year just about improving how I work in an effort to get more things done with better quality results. THis week I’ve been doing the Focus Summit which is a week long extension to The Focus Course which I completed two years ago.

##You’re already really productive, why do you want to work more? But I can always get better, right? The idea is not to work more, not to spent all my waking time working. Why wouldn’t I want the capcity to do more? I enjoy producing things.

Moreover, the point is that practicing matters. Getting better at things matters, even if it has only a vague relationship to what you do.

The Great Mashup

Great advancement, both personal, corporate, and creative all come from taking two or more ideas and smooshing them together in a way no one has really done before. Idea mashup, serendipty, is why the same basic story concept can still be so compelling. My take on Boy Meets Boy” stories will be different than your Boy Meets Boy” story11.

Learning anything, getting better at anything, increases the chance that you can mash things up in an intersting way.

What are you sharpening?

I try to learn something every day, big or small. it’s another one of those things I track in my Journal. You can see in the image above the notes I took for the adjacent video.

I’ve posted a little about the Focus Summit that I’m doing this week. It is a short, daily self-study seminar focused on big ideas around focus, creativity, entrepreneurship, productivity, and owning your time and work.

It was reminded me, at the very least, that I need to stop checking email between tasks. Just move on to the next task. Email can wait.

You are not obliged to check email constantly. Even if your boss acts like it.

This, like saying NO more, can be life changing.

  1. Mine would obviously meet over a productivity seminar.

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