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September 8, 2020

It’s been a Journey

BlackBerry patch which has overrun its boundaries. 15 by 15 feet.BlackBerry patch which has overrun its boundaries. 15 by 15 feet. _Blackberries_Blackberries

It’s been a journey for me with this yard. Like, I didn’t really get how much work it was going to be and how difficult it was going to be to get through some of my own mental baggage around yard work.

Of the many things I’ve been working through with myself and working on around the yard, the blackberry patch was an early beneficial project. With out getting into the meds that is my psychology, re-taming the blackberry patch was bite-soiled project with bite sized project which was good for getting my past some of my internal stuff.

The first year was just cutting out the dead, which was a lot. We weren’t sure if they’re one year or two year canes - actually, we may not still be sure - so had to do multiple cut/check sessions over the course of a few months. We mostly go that solved and go to the point that only stuff what produced fruit” remained by the end of the first season.

The second year was better defining the actual edges of the patch. Further escalating at the start of the season this year uncovered stones through what seemed like the center of the patch to give it aisles for easier pickings. However, now that other areas near the patch are in better shape, we think that’s actually edging.

The second picture is the current patch. it’s about 7x15ft (maybe closer 12ft diameter as it is round-ish). The tree on the left is apple and we are starting to think that the patch is supposed to start at the drip line which would mean that it is about 5 feet out of bounds. That five feet is about where those stones are.

Sooo……. what is currently a center aisle” may actually be the original containing wall… O_O.


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