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March 30, 2021

Ideal worker

While there has been much discourse around burnout, and much evidence of kids popping in on Zoom calls, all this visibility hasn’t necessarily led to employers changing their demands on workers: Americans are actually working more hours per day on average now than when the pandemic began. And experts say it’s not enough for companies to just be okay with kids making an appearance during a meeting — they need to make real changes like hiring more employees and reducing hours so that people actually have time to tend to their lives. Meanwhile, policymakers need to consider reforms from paid family leave to universal basic income that would make it possible for everyone to meet their needs.

Overall, it’s long past time for the idea of the ideal worker” to retire

Source: The problem is work by Anna North, https://www.vox.com/22321909/covid-19-pandemic-school-work-parents-remote

My workplace is aggressively ideal worker” concept. There is even a particular person that gets rolled out into stage whoever there’s a new work is hard, suck it up” message - usually around a benefit changing, or some cockamamie scheme to better balance work and life.” They have kids but manage to work really long hours and it gets glorified on stage.

It doesn’t surprise me that hours are up in part because people feel the need to make up time” after kids go to bed.

How many problems could we solve if we just… capped CEO pay and hired more people with that money? Or even…. cap the work day for real.

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