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April 27, 2016


 Down and Out Down and Out

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" Will drum for @mentions.  ">  Will drum for @mentions.   

I’ve been playing around with tonal range contrast in the black and white photos. It has an interesting effect in the feeling of a photo - they feel more realistic, more gritty. This is especially true when you’re backdrop is a cityscape with concrete, stone, brick with so much texture.

In the above two photos, I think it adds something nice and sort of iconic to the first and doesn’t really do a ton for the second. Subject and method of editing matters. While mid and shadow tone contrast doesn’t make the second worse it doesn’t really make it that much better.

So. Interesting view of editing. I think I’ve sort of intuited it but never really though about the degree to which certain types of edits can affect the presentation of a photos such that it can change the mood that much.

Well, I mean, I knew it but never really understood it.

Something has shifted in the last few years in my perspective on the world that has affect per how I take photos. Curious what it is.

Not sure what to make of it beyond that I like it. I think photos are better for it but not like super high caliber.

Whatever that means.

Aside: that I can get so much tonal contrast differentiation editing RAW files on my iPad now is freaking awesome.


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