Portrait of the Artist as a Man
December 7, 2015

Good People Just Don’t Go Into Politics

So I dithered on posting this for fear of offending people, even though I like what I wrote. I’m chosing to post it not that I don’t care but because I was hesitant and because I like it. Ultimately, I write for me more than I write for you (and for the fist time I say that with conviction and truth).

I also find it funny because I had zero hesitation posting a poetry about giant, monster dicks. That was a little silly. This? I dunno? A greatly feared truth?

Anyway. I’m sorry if you’re offended; you have every right to be. It is, after all, political poetry.

Good people just don’t go into politics.

in a room lit with mockery
the man with the astonishing coiffure
pounds a fist full of
old glory against his cock
It doesn’t matter
what the media write
as long as
you’ve got a young
and beautiful piece of ass.


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