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October 29, 2010

Fog and the Pier

Fog and the Pier, originally uploaded by ABMann.

  1. Worked shifted a deadline back two weeks. So, rather than being OK for the deadline yesterday, we are now super-busy for the two extra weeks of fixes.
    • This is because, when you FINALLY are able to plan a few months out for your team, you can schedule trips and training and other neat stuff for those days after deadline.
    • Psych!
  2. I am wearing a bow tie today.
  3. My LYT match got pushed up to 11/5.
  4. Trick-or-treaters!!
  5. vampire chicken!

More dickering about in photoshop. This was a Meh photo from the Trash the Dress shoot. I liked the distance [ljuser]labell77[/ljuser] was from the camera, the pier and the seagulls so I figured it would do well with some fog, high contrast, strong vignetting, desaturated edges and over-saturated trees.

And I think I was right.

I actually kind of like this one though it feels over-worked. Too much Photoshop? Too obvious Photoshop? Yes? No?

I’ve been bulking out my texture, patterns and other stock-type stuff to have faster access to the things I do frequently. I’m also built some extra actions to save time for certain things I do on every photo. So, it should be pretty cool, overall, and faster for my qualifier. As of yet, I’m not sure what the specific rules are but I’ll find out next week.

This Sunday is hunker-down and practice time.


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