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March 3, 2019

Dubious Wives in Dubious Hats

Dubious wife in dubious pink hatDubious wife in dubious pink hat

From the on-going series, of course. @Alyska and I like antiquing, not just for swung glass vases, but because of some of the shenanigans we get up to. Nearly every trip we find hats of Great Dubiosity that Alyska must try on. It never fails to amuse.

But why do one thing where you can do many?

Penguin Game

The penguin ice bucket was crazy popular in midcentury house decor and can be found at like every vintage, antique, and thrift shops anywhere. The game is to spot the penguin. Loser buys lunch/dinner.

Penguin Game 2 - the pricing

Because they are so cheap, the penguin ice bucket pricing should generally be around $10. But places wildly deviate depending on the rough classiness” of the store. The price of the penguin bucket is a fairly good predictor or goodness” of pricing at the store. When we find a bucket, we guess the price and see of that moves with the pricing we’ve seen on other items.

The Alyska Cheats Game

This is the game that A decides to play when I’m like 2 or 3 penguin buckets ahead. Objects this has included: • Taiwan swung glass vase knock-offs • Viking Up” duck figures • Viking glass Owls • Bakelite handle versions of the penguin bucket And many other cheats things she’s very good at identifying from 40 paces.

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