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January 14, 2022

Decision quality

Do not equate the quality of a decision with the result of that decision.

For example: If you decided to drive home drunk and you happen to make it home safely, nobody would say that the positive outcome” means you made a good decision” in that scenario.

Yet, we so often apply hindsight bias” to our decisions: We look back at the decisions which resulted in a poor outcome as being bad decisions and the decisions with a positive outcome as being good decisions.

Source: Thinking in Bets, Shawn Blanc, https://shawnblanc.net/2022/01/thinking-in-bets/

We make decisions with the best information available. If that choice doesn’t pan out, it’s not a quality problem in the decision, it’s a lack of information. Circumstances change. Context matters.

Failure, also, is how we learn. Choosing to try something new is how we grow.

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