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March 9, 2014

Checking in on Make Something Every Day.


Checking in on Make Something Every Day.

I pledged this year to create something every day. That Thing had a defined scope but was flexible. Here is the definition from the instantistion of ot:


Thus: something can be anything introspective or creative.
I have a few broad categories that will satisfy this (because I need some sort of structure)

- Journaling: be it for myself or posted to my blog (like this one)
- Art: a real” photo with my camera, a fake Polaroid
- Thing: rope, or more shibari or something physical.


So far, I haven’t missed a day just not everything I have been doing has been public. I’ve been writing regularly, which is good, and taking more photos (even just with my phone) and taking more care with processing.

For the rope, though, I had decided that completing a step or two in the process would count because of how long certain steps would take. Cutting and breaking rope in an evening was sufficient because doing the whole process start to finish takes about 6 hours - and only parts of that can be compressed. It reduced the pressure and got me doing much more with it which was my end goal.

This has wildly re-invigorated effort at Bunny Rope. Like crazy style. I finally worked out some issues in the product, I learned how to weave eye loops and nailed down the trickier details inMy process. And applied to vend at an event this summer - acceptance pending - but decided to get more serious about it anyway. I sold some stock options at work to fund the next level of involvement.

Until this year, I had been doing rope to order and not carrying any stock. I’d just have the quantity needed to make a few sets of 30s and 15s on hand knowing I could get the chemistry via Amazon quick enough. The Next Level was having a regular stock and buying chemistry and rope in bulk.

Let me tell you, buying in bulk is scary and amazing.

And totally worth it.

I’m especially enjoying how relaxing it is cutting down the spools. I like getting faster at pieces of it. I like tweaking little things and watching the out come.

I’m really excited about my current trajectory.


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