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March 23, 2021

Be The Thorn

There will be no common set of knowledge of practices, procedures, and processes regarding anything. Don’t look towards your management and leadership either, as they’re none the wiser. If privacy is a factor in your future workplaces, it’s likely to be driven by the legal department as a strictly reactive, scary, and deeply resented legal compliance obligation whose purpose is to cover your company’s backside rather than protect the people in your data.

All of that means that someone in your workplaces, and on your career journeys, needs to show leadership in privacy, and it might as well be you.

Source: What would a privacy curriculum for future developers look like? - Hi, I’m Heather Burns by Heather Burns, https://webdevlaw.uk/2021/03/21/privacy-curriculum-developers/

It is absolutely worthwhile to be the One Person pushing for change at a company, any company. Especially in areas that have a regulatory component.

Being the thorn in the side of the company can move mountains. Whether it can wake that mountain up to move itself is a whole other thing…

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