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October 16, 2016

What I Wore And Carried

 Me and Stuff Me and Stuff


I’m beginning to break, slowly, away from my uniform clothing presentation. Specifically, I am exploring accessories as a means of subtle differentiation in my presentation.

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and I think I’ve already found people treating me differently.

Because I am an overachiever, I thought it would be neat to do both what I wore and what was in my bag. My favorite online photography communities were the latter.

What I wore today (WIWT)

  • Denizen jeans
  • Gap v-neck sweater
  • Redwing Iron Ranger (burgundy)
  • Gotham pocket watch
  • Apple Watch 1 (not shown)
  • Saddleback Leather satchel (1st generation)

Listing this all out seems kinda shlubby, like who cares that I’m nearing a Gap sweater?

What’s in my bag? (WIMB)

  • From bottom left clockwise. Ish
  • MacBook
  • Lightning cable
  • Kevlar gadget zip case
  • Skullcandy earbuds
  • Leuchtturm Bullet Journal notebook
  • TWSBI 580AL fine nib pen
  • rOtring Lava custom ground stub nib
  • rOtring Lava multipen
  • Leather bound Constitution (forget where this was…)
  • Managing Humans by Michael Lopp (RandsInRepose.com)
  • Dental pick (2)
  • Tums
  • 12watt USB-c power brick
  • Car keys
  • Fuji x100
  • Hyper USB-c hub
  • Switzerland wappen

That last thing is special. My Dad took a trip to Europe when he graduated from Purdue. He saw pretty much every country in 90 days. In each country, he bought that country’s coat of arms on a patch - Wappen.

Of all the countries he visited, he didn’t have time to get the patch for Switzerland. 3 years ago, while visiting me for the holidays, we managed to find the patch in New Glarus. I found it in his desk when we were cleaning out the house after he died this February. I’ve been carrying it ever since.


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