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February 12, 2021

Trust Layer

And now we’re suffering from the very openness and ease of connection that the internet was built on. Because a collection of angry people talking past each other isn’t a community. Without persistence of presence, some sort of identity and a shared set of ideals, goals and consequences, humans aren’t particularly tempted to bring their best selves to the table.

The system is being architected against our best impulses. Humans understand that local leadership, sacrifice and generosity build community, and that fights and scandals simply create crowds. Countless people are showing up, leading and pushing back, but algorithms are powerful and resilient, and we need some of them to be rebuilt. Seth’s blog: https://seths.blog/2021/02/tribes-and-the-trust-layer/

Very interesting take on the fundamental problems with internet culture. Namely, that there aren’t the tools to build a quality one. It’s tribalism without the sacrifice and trust that builds community.

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