Portrait of the Artist as a Man
November 20, 2014

Traveling. Energy. Creativity.

And a haiku for the house.And a haiku for the house.


I’m regularly exercising again and I’m traveling for work right now which has a curious affect on me, the combination of the two.  

Exercise lightens my mood in a (medical) textbook way.  My brain moves quickly, focuses well, makes connections, and keeps me pleasant.  I view myself and the world about me with a particular clarity and easiness I feel is generally reserved for runners and buddhists.  I am in the world.

When traveling, I feel surprisingly less-stressed, (even) better organized, and productive.  This is especially true when I have a few things to work on back at the office that I can do remotely.  Working from a hotel is surprisingly engrossing, something about the different setting keeps me lively.  I am about the world.

Of late, I’ve been feeling tis bubbling need to do something large and creative and being on the road has given me more time to think about it.  It feels like it wants to be a treatise of some sort, something longer and over-arching, touching on themes I’ve been recently thinking about regarding my favorite aspects of my life- buddhism, self-presentation, quality, privacy law, and productivity.  Which, take together, looking mostly unrelated.

I am not sure they are necessarily related, or should be.

But I feel like i want to write a book about something in there.

     Or make a podcast.

     Or go to law school.

     Or just do something that brings together all of the things that I care about in my day to day.

I’m not sure how to tease it out either.  I vaguely expect that, as I think and write and read on any and all of these things that I’ll have that magic Aha! moment when some final connection happens in a conversation and I’ll have it.

Similarly, I feel like I should be funneling all this… I don’t know.. Glamour into Bunny Rope but that feels… misguided. I have so many interested and they’re so disparate.

How do you work through that fog to clarify what the Thing is supposed to be?


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