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July 29, 2021

To hustle is not to leisure

While adults used to have hobbies, now we have hustles and if you’re not monetizing those side hustles then what are you doing? Oh, and make sure you keep Slack notifications on so that you don’t miss that late night message about the work thing that can’t wait for tomorrow.

Life is better in many ways, of course, but the we’ll be able to work less and live fuller lives at home” never came to pass.

Source: A Four Day Work Week? Yes, Please! by Matt Birchler, https://birchtree.me/blog/a-four-day-work-week-yes-please/

Hustle is a verb. Hobby is a now. Right, obvious, but so much of modern work and leisure culture centers around this active state of everything. If you’re not hustling, you’re not doing it right.

And I know. I ran a side business for years that came from a hobby. I stopped because, despite being profitable from day one, it was eating any time I had for anything else. I got no joy from it.

This is late stage capitalism. If you’re not monetizing everything you’re doing… do you even matter, bro?

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