Portrait of the Artist as a Man
April 14, 2017

Tide pools

The Pacific Ocean is 165 million square kilometers big. That is 110% the size of all of the land mass of the Earth - 110% of the space humans can inhabit on the Earth. And that’s just one ocean and that’s not counting mountain peaks and deserts and the arctic.

The ocean is unfathomable (see what I did there?) in its vastness that trying to capture that Bigness is a photo is nigh insulting.

  <img src="_FullSizeRender.jpg" alt="">

Dipping in and retrieving a piece of the ocean can be magical. It offers us a place to see reflected everything outside us in the universe. A handful of ocean water is a powerful scurrying tool. A handful of significance for owner so insignificant. But as we watch the water calming again best out palm, we fail to see the waters reviving and can be taken and dashed against the rocks.

  <img src="_FullSizeRender.jpg" alt="">

  <img src="_FullSizeRender.jpg" alt="">

The Moon, our spirit mother watching over human kind, wishes to save what little lives we have. As the tides ebb and flow, she laces the beaches with pools of ocean water for us to find. They are moon sized scrying mirrors.

We can find them, the cleverest of us and following them like a breadcrumb trail to the edge of understanding. Where they saturate, so too does the future sight grow out of turbid waters. Maybe we can glimpse our futures under the shining moon light without being dashed to pieces against against the rocks?


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