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Death in your pocket Jul 23, 2017 death & Philosophy & Stoicism & Virtue I’ve been trying to summarize what has been running around and around in my head for the last year. I’ve been thinking about death and dying and Three Months Down, My Whole Life To Go Apr 7, 2015 virtue & Benjamin Franklin & Wrestling with Franklin I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection. I wish’d to live without committing any fault at any time; I would Little grids Mar 30, 2015 hobonichi & coleto & pens & virtue & Wrestling with Franklin I made some little custom grids for the continuationof my virtue project. I’ve stopped using the Art of Manliness notebooks because of how hard Updated list of Virtues Feb 3, 2015 virtue & Wrestling with Franklin I updated my List of Virtues with the last three weeks of edicts. This list is getting pretty long and its good to review them on occasion. I am A Week on Silence Jan 11, 2015 silence & virtue & Wrestling with Franklin & God Damn & Work! A Week in Silence. More on my blag shortly. #aominaction I am a quiet person. Solitude in a well-controlled environment is important to me; but I Virtue ≠ Piety Jan 10, 2015 plato & The Republic & virtue & Wrestling with Franklin Morality does not require religion. Morality is not dependent on sort of spiritual belief. Morality is not piety, or a devotion to goodness, as a Silence Jan 4, 2015 silence & virtue & Wrestling with Franklin Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation. This virtue is not about quietude or vowing to never speak again. Pile ’o Edicts Jan 4, 2015 virtue & Wrestling with Franklin It behooves me to track my growing list of edicts as I progress; so, I have added a dedicated navigation link above so you can track them too. And Review of the @ArtofManliness Virtue Journal Jan 2, 2015 virtue & Art of Manliness & Benjamin Franklin & review & Wrestling with Franklin & Was Narcissus Beautiful? I’ve been using the Art of Manliness Virtue Journal for a little while now and have developed strong feelings over it and its design as I progress Definitions: A little Philosophizing Jan 1, 2015 virtue & ethics & Wrestling with Franklin I think it behooves me to list some definitions. Exploring virtue and morality requires understanding what those concepts mean. The definitions can