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do good things Nov 30, 2014 blog & family & FB & personal & Was Narcissus Beautiful? Dad liked my usb typewriter. Thanksgiving come and gone. It was quiet this year. We went from three families to just the one, me and my Dad. The Traveling. Energy. Creativity. Nov 20, 2014 blog & creativity & FB & introspection & Was Narcissus Beautiful? And a haiku for the house.   I’m regularly exercising again and I’m traveling for work right now which has a curious affect on me, the Treadmills, man. Nov 19, 2014 exercise & FB & goals & health & running & Was Narcissus Beautiful? Treadmills are dreadful. I had forgotten because I had not seriously used one in winter in a very long time. Normally when I have a Ropecast interview Sep 11, 2014 blog & bondage & FB & graydancer & hemp & rope & ropecast & shibari & Bunny Rope & Shibari Simple chest harness graydancer interviewed me for an upcoming Ropecast. He asked about passion and I had some thoughts. Harnessed. On Reflection Aug 31, 2014 blog & FB & me & personal & writing & Uncategorized I just wrote the following in my journal: ”You can’t get anywhere new without knowing where you you’ve been.” I have been wondering lately Caring about blogging? Aug 29, 2014 blog & FB & me & personal & Uncategorized It has been about 3 months since I started hand writing my journal. Since then I have more or less ignored my blogs and websites. I feel like I I think I need a bigger box Aug 22, 2014 blog & bunnyrope & FB & hemp & process & rope & shibari & Uncategorized This is one of my favorite sights.  BunnyRope.com I think I need a bigger box Aug 22, 2014 blog & bunnyrope & FB & hemp & process & rope & shibari & Uncategorized This is one of my favorite sights.  BunnyRope.com Type Drawer Aug 4, 2014 blog & design & FB & ink & nibs & pens & typewriter & writing & Uncategorized [gallery] A little writing porn for your Monday. While cleaning today, I found alyska’s type drawer in the basement. I noticed that the medium and TWSBI Jul 23, 2014 blog & FB & Organics studio & pen & twsbi & Uncategorized [gallery] My evening after the gym. TWSBI. New pen. TWSBI 580 Diamond inked with Organics Studio John Hancock. EF nib. It draws a slightly Wampum Jul 13, 2014 blog & design & FB & personal & tattoo & wampum & Uncategorized [gallery] Wampum The first three bands of my wampum sleeve are completed (except for a little touch up as some of the colors are uneven). I am GTD Jun 16, 2014 FB & gtd & mindfullness & productivity & task management & zen & Uncategorized [gallery] I retooled my productivity/idea capturing/GTD process and had quite a few questions about how it works. Behold!  A diagram! This is a Banner Day Jun 13, 2014 banner & Brand & Branding & bunny & bunnyrope & FB & Marketing & rope & shibari & tumblr & Uncategorized [gallery] Banner! Banner! Got my banner together and it turned out rather lovely. It is 4ft tall on a 6ft stand. The vinyl is glossy and thick. I On Routine Jun 7, 2014 brianeno & FB & journal & routine & tumblr & Uncategorized [gallery] On Routine. It’s been about a month now since I changed my morning routine and I think it is going swimmingly. Most of you that are New pen. May 17, 2014 blog & FB & fountain pen & me & penmanship & writing & Uncategorized [gallery] I got a new pen. It’s a Pilot Metropolitan which I read about in this post from PenAddict.com via TheCramped.com - which if you love pen Hojo May 10, 2014 blog & bondage & bunnyrope & FB & hemp & hojo & rope & shibari & tumblr & weaving & Uncategorized [gallery] Hojo Bundles Something so cute will do such dastardly things. For the first time ever, available for purchase at Satyricon today in Morehead Apr 5, 2014 blog & brutalism & FB & Uncategorized [gallery] I went back for more of Morehead. I found that Morehead is attached to Kenan Hall. I was reading about it last night and T’internets Impulse Buying Apr 3, 2014 blog & dayone & Evernote & FB & process & sketchnotes & sketchnoting & tumblr & workflow & Uncategorized [gallery] Notes on Flickr. Via Flickr: Thinking about impulse buying, note taking, and the trappings of Things I gave into temptation Checking in on Make Something Every Day. Mar 9, 2014 blog & bunnyrope & bunnyropedotcom & FB & hemp & rope & Uncategorized [gallery] Checking in on Make Something Every Day. I pledged this year to create something every day. That Thing had a defined scope but was