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February 21, 2015

Simplicity in Marriage

Yesterday was a frigid day to get married. I can understand the desire to have remote weddings when you live here. California, Hawaii, Tahiti all do not threaten to claim a toe if your vows take too long.

  <img src="_img.jpg" alt=" Custom made rings because that's how we roll. ">

We did not seek to make it a large affair, it was really more a deal that we personally preferred but there is a certain amount of ceremony required by law when you get married otherwise it isn’t official.

In Madison, you can contact any justice on the court to request they perform your ceremony. We chose Justice Kloppenberg (1), who I appreciate for running a clean, and civil campaign against Justice Prosser when she ran for the Supreme Court in 2012. She seemed a good person which was verified yesterday when she read our vows (2).

So we gathered yesterday, Alyska and I and two of our closest friends, on the zebra striped throw (3) rug facing lake Monona and pledged to love each other especially when the cats being reticent with their own affection.

A few tears, a good few chuckles, and a sneaky surprise (4), and it was done.

Short and sweet. Minimal. I wish the ceremony and legal pieces if marriage were entirely separate and, to save you from a tirade on religious vestiges in modern law, I’ll just reiterate that simple is what we wanted as we enter into Today which only feels as if it should be surreal rather than actually being surreal.

We intend to observe our relationship on the date it started - in June over tea in when talked about what dating would mean for us in our lives in 2011 (6). So, we will hold a celebration this summer when the warmth that we feel for each other, and that we know all of you hold for us, will be better reflected in the atmosphere.

    1. Her wikipedia page.↩︎

    2. We wrote our own vows and ceremony. I had a small interjection about the cats that nearly made the Justice laugh while she read it.↩︎

    3. Alyska noted today that Justice Kloppenberg was also wearing animal print sandals. Judges robes and animal print sandals! So awesome.

    4. We ordered custom rings off Etsy becaues we both like hand made work and really dislike the wedding ring complex. The one I ordered did not arrive after numerous emails ignored from the shop owner. So, in a fit of crafty genius, Alyska and Jen made the one I am wearing above in an afternoon (5) that is very close in style to the one I purchased.↩︎

    5. Look, I chose good, folks. What can I say?↩︎

    6. Us both being nonmonogamous and she in a toxic triad at the time, it was more complicated than your typical polyamorous dealings. OK, so maybe we’re not exatly simple in all things….↩︎


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