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October 18, 2010

Screwing Around in Photoshop

Screwing Around in Photoshop, originally uploaded by ABMann.

See title.

I mentioned on Twitter earlier today that I’ll be competing in a Layer Tennis qualifier next month. Thus starts the mad dash to learn some of the wackier things I tend not to do in Photoshop so I know how to do them.

This is not to say I’m suddenly going to produce stuff like the above - no no no no. The thing above is overwrought, at least it isn’t really my taste for this sort of thing. I just want to know how to do all those cool things so I can, you know, do bits of them to enhance my typical aesthetic.

So, that’s kind of neat. The light effects are kind of cool and it is useful having an idea how to blend and adjust layers.

Ultimately, I’ll probably turn my match into an extended Dear Diary entry. :)

But, still. Awfully exciting.


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