On Identity

On April 15, 2010 I renamed my Livejournal account. It was a big moment for me: a rite of passage. Now I was a Real Adult Internet Entity. Now I would be more professional, more awesome, more respected. That previous name? Juvenile! Inane! No one can take you seriously. You are serious adult and internet is all srz biznes!

I’m laughing too.

The question I’m asking: Did I make the right choice?

And I’m asking it for precisely one reason: Memorability.

AngryBunnyMan? Memorable. In fact, numerous friends I met prior to 2010 still refer to me as AngryBunnyMan.

ABMann? Not memorable. And I regularly have to spell it for people.

What this comes down to is this: Memoribility matters when you exist on the internet. The Internet has a short attention span and is forgetful. Anything an Entitycan do tomake itself memorable in Meatspace will lead to better outcomes.

I’m not saying that tis is the End All BNe All of creating a successful internet enterprise but that it can go a good way to helping get the internet to you. Ultimately I beleve that a person is as much a product as their actual product. Which is to say I am Bunny Rope - my materials, my process, my quality and doing anything to mae that easier t find is a good step.

So, Internet. Do you think going back to AngryBunnyMan is a good idea? AngryBunnyMan.com is much easier to remember.

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