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October 28, 2021

On allowing for processing

Etienne considers himself a more introverted person. Like Wortman Ploetz, he says he’s ultimately become more productive while working from home.

I felt more in control of the management of my time,” he says. For example, I think we’ve all been through this: you finish a meeting and you’re walking back to your desk and someone spots you and you have a conversation. And you lose the time to process the meeting you’ve just finished, and reset. That doesn’t happen anymore. Now, I can have my moment of reflection in silence, without disturbance. With things like Zoom and Teams there are even do not disturb’ settings; you literally can’t message me.”

Very much this. When people are focusing so much on getting back to the office because being around people is how you innovate, that’s how extroverts work. Extroverts can create new idea connections through conversation with people. It’s the sounding board metaphor.

Introverts process ideas differently. Introverts can be more creative, more innovative, when allowed to sit and think without distraction.

The workplace was created for extroverts, by extroverts.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20210713-why-introverts-excelled-at-working-from-home

And it biases contribution attention to the loudest among us.


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