Neiman Marcus Sexiest Leica in the World

This post serves MANY purposes.1. Check out this sexy Leica M9 - Neiman Marcus edition which would look just so good with my awesome bag.

  1. Test the auto-cross posting and new commenting structure of Wordpress - LiveJournal.
    • 2, subsection A: Wordpress can either enable or disable comments in the LJ post and, in the latter case, force commenting in the WP blog; or, in the former case, flag the source of each comment in the WP blog while leaving the LJ pieces (I think) separate.
    • 2, subsection B: I like the latter because, really, I don’t care from where the comments come just that I can read and respond easily and I think this will do it.
      • 2, subsection B, part 2: It may be unnecessary to have the banner at all.
  2. I can also auto-add all the neat share icons below!
  3. Apparently there is some translation for LJ User names which I’m testing here: [ljuser]abmann[/ljuser]

Neat. Also: Dear compile: INSTALL FASTER Also also: will this edit appear in LJ?

Up next Blah blah Random bunch of testing here. Extreme Vagabonding Interesting article on Gizmodo:Homeless with an iPad. So, I’m big on reducing Stuff but don’t think I could ever choose homelessness. I will admit
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