Portrait of the Artist as a Man
April 5, 2014



I went back for more of Morehead.

I found that Morehead is attached to Kenan Hall. I was reading about it last night and T’internets informed me that Kenan was one if the buildings that sparked the Brutalist trend in 1971 which I find kind of interesting. Morehead was built in 46.

I wonder if they meant the Morehead Planetarium or if, indeed, the Morehead chemistry part of the building came first as part of the earliest experiments with concrete buildings.

As is, I didn’t see any significant difference between the two buildings (I checked because: nerd) but I also don’t know how concrete buildings age when exposed the way these are.

Still. Love these Brutalist bunkers.

Lastly: remember to charge your camera batteries. These are all iPhone photos. (pretty nice quality, ne?)


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