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March 22, 2021

Look outside your current 4 walls

When we’re no longer confined to our homes, just think of all the options that will open to you: you can work at a coffee shop, of course, but you can also work…..with your friends? A lot? And your kids will be in school, or in care, but most importantly, not with you? You can go work in a library, or a co-working space, or a park, or a different co-working space. What matters is that it will not be you, in your home, alone — unless you want it to be.

Source: Anne Helen Petersen - Culture Study by Anne Helen Petersen, https://annehelen.substack.com/people/799855-anne-helen-petersen

This… I hadn’t even realized this. While I am very content working from my home office most days, the future choice of work environment is… freeing?

The funny thing with my current job is that I worked all around campus all the time. The only real difference now is that I’m not physically present in meetings. Technology has caught up to that need now. Offices are nice but don’t need to be mandatory now.

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