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January 3, 2023

Little Joys

A selection of things I was grateful for this year

Part of my regular morning routine includes prompts to enter things for which I’m grateful. Often, it’s something small like a warm rain, finding a cat whisker, and sometimes it is big like my partner calling me on my fatalism or a friend showing up for me. I log them to a pinned entry in my journal so it appears at the top of the list so I can find it if I need a little positivity.

Here’s a selection of things I was grateful for in 2022.


  • N95 masks


  • Pill pockets and kitty Gogurt


  • Erri pooping
  • Spring rain
  • CSS transforms


  • plum blossoms
  • Autonomy


  • Beautiful, warm weather
  • Alysk’s kindess


  • Erri snuggles
  • Alyska’s confidence in tree pruning


  • Buuurrrrriiiittttoooooooo


  • Finding the right slice of data


  • Frozen soup
  • Crushable antibiotics

Little joys may be all we get some days; so, remember them.

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