I made some little custom grids for the continuationof my virtue project. I’ve stopped using the Art of Manliness notebooks because of how hard it is to use - the binding is just too tight that I can’t hold the darn thing open and write in it concurrently.

I also switched to using a hobonichi planner to track my daily schedule. I write (1) my daily schedule in it and then add a page index for any notes or writings completed that day. My notebook has page numbers (2) so all I need to do is add an identifier so I can look things up afterwatd as needed.

It is mostly nice except that I have a hard time taking the time to copy out my schedule for reasons likely obvious:

  1. You already have one on your phone.
  2. You already have, like, 7 calendars.
  3. You don’t reference your notebooks anyway….

Well, to that I say: Pbbbtttllll.

It’s useful and the rigor is probably a good idea. I’ve been bad about getting up in the mornings (it’s so cold and my heater is finicky with timers).

Still. I like writing in the hobonichi (3) and that it can act like an index for more extensive notes is super useful. Also, it has pockets and has replaced my wallet.

And it was a terrible excuse to get a multipen (4).

  1. I am not so good at that. I find it hard to justify for the rasonans specified AND taking the time at work do it. Even if it helps me focus for the day. It’s purely mental.

  2. I use the Leuchtturm Medium. It is very fountain pen friendly and comes in so many colors, like white, because it matches all my other stuff because I’m apparently that guy.

  3. “Hobonichi” translates to almost every day.” The planner tsekf has a neat story that you can read a little more here. There’s a huge community for it like most organization tools.

  4. A Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto with 3 pen inserts adn a pencil. The build quality is blah but the refil ink is really nice. I like having convenient colors but I actuslly disolike the size I got - .4mm tips - which is really scratchy to write with. I think my next refills will be reollerballs to smooth it out. The pen taes standard D1 refills.

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