December 3, 2010


First the Spare Change, Then The World 365.41, originally uploaded by ABMann.


Don’t worry, do your best!
In a picnic-y mood, feel so good!
What a wonderful afternoon!
Off the limits insolence until midnight Yeah!

Ball it up and roll it around, I love you, always smile for you
You’re my only Love Moon, so we’ve gotta hang in there!
Com-presssssion, com-presssSION!

With my uniformed T-shirt
Hand-knitted muffler and
And heart-warming dashing around(*2)
Playing in the sun! Say goodbye!

Everybody clump together and spurt it alllll out
On a day like this, we’ll dance, we’ll sing,
I’m the leader of the collective though
It’s my waaaaaay, It’s my waaaaaaay


I feel better now.


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