Darn tasks undone...  Darn tasks undone...  Darn tasks undone… 

I like to track my home screen changes over time. I’ve been trying to get shots on the first of every month to understand how my priorities change, what things are important to me or deist reacting me.

What does my home screen mean to me?

The home screen on my phone is my portal to tracking and minor productivity. I desire to minimize distraction - games, notifications, even icons - so I have less cognitive friction to do something useful.

For example, only the following apps are allowed badges:

  • OmniFocus
  • Messages
  • App Store
  • Settings
  • Unibox

I have some other notifications set up but they all funnel through my Watch - messages, VIP emails, calendar events. Nothing else.

The idea is that, if I want my attention drawn, I want it drawn to helpful things on my phone. So that’s app updates and tasks due today.

What has changed?

I removed one of the virtue tracker app/workflows - Rest. I wasn’t using it and didn’t care so: gone. The others I’m not super consistent but I just reworked them to require fewer steps to get actually more information.

I ditched MyFitnessPal and I’m thinking about getting it back. I tried 4? Maybe 5? calorie trackers in May and precisely 1 did what I wanted but it had The Worst Interface and food database of any I’ve tried.

I just want a tracker that can show via a badge how many carbs I’ve eaten in a day. Apparently I am the only one on Earth that does.


I added FB back. Ehhh….

I deleted Neko Atsume.

I added LinkedIn for a few things in working on. (I really dislike the app and service…)

IG forevahhhh.


So much open space man. So nice. So clean.

I’m considering adding some encouraging text to the bottom of the wallpaper since it’s so open. It’s kind of part of practicing daily gratitude, part just using space effectively.

I mean I have this huge phone. Why not do something with it?

Does this make me more productive?

Eh? I don’t do useless” things as much but I also don’t regularly review my task list. I think I just dislike phones as a whole.

I’d rather carry my iPad and, say, mount it on my monitor to have my task list open constantly rather than carry a phone.

Maybe I just need to set regular task list check in times throughout the day…

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