November 9, 2015

I Can’t Be The Only One Who Does This

I’m still getting the groove of my creativity, still trying to understand what makes it flare. I have been fairly inconsistent in my approach.

Ideally (ideally) I would write every day, at the same time. I would eat dinner, pet the cats, and disappear into the night’s masterpiece. As it has been, though, I am only consistent in so far as I write at night now. It feels more natural. Certainly more natural than when I do get up at 5 wherein reading has always been my go-to when I get up. And the only reason I think I’m making progress on a 52 books in a year challenge).

Which I have also been… inconsistent at getting up then. Despite always liking it when I do. I’ve seen more sunrises over the prairie this year than tje whole of my life to now.

However! However, I am finding that when I do write, I write a whole bunch of stuff in fairly rapid succession. I’ll have an idea and write out a poem which generates another idea and I’ll write that out and then an hour later I have 5 or 6 poems.

(They ain’t all good, mind.)

But I do a whole bunch nearly every time I sit down in a quiet place to work. Tonight I wrote two, one of which is something like 500 words in my favorite sort of stream of conscious style. So I’m not hurting for interesting results, I think I may be averaging a poem a day in so far as I catch up.

Does anyone else do this? I know a nunber of you haeve similarly creative pursuits. Do yo try to be regular or do you work inconsistently but in volume?

And the loaded qusetion: which do you think is better?

All of my favorite writers wrote every day. Well, they say they did but only a few have proof in journals and such - Frank O’Hara, Hrmmingway, Murakami (not past tense). You get the idea.

I don’t know anyone worth their salt that admits to being undisciplined or inconsistent.

course many of them didn’t have a TV.
(have you heard Jordan Smith on The Voice yet? Holy crap is he magnificent)

hemmingway writing thinking murakami questions Was Narcissus Beautiful?

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