May 8, 2016

I broke my phone

You can try to negotiate with gravity but it’s an asshole and you will lose.
Alyska teching a class.

Amazingly, after 9 years of iPhones, this is my first shattered screen. Having dropped numerous phones before, one time on a stone tile floor, I assume this is my tech karma.

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" Veins ">  Veins  

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" Organic patterns win over technology.  ">  Organic patterns win over technology.   

  <img src="_img.jpg" alt="">

Such is the fate of modern technology. And such is the false confidence in modern technology: it feels more permanent than stuff before though it rarely is.

Compare to the following:

  <img src="_image.jpg" alt="">

  <img src="_image.jpg" alt="">

  <img src="_image.jpg" alt="">

  <img src="_image.jpg" alt="">

  <img src="_image.jpg" alt="">

  <img src="_image.jpg" alt="">

This was going to be an old tech versus new tech conversation. (I mean, paper created in China in 150 AD is still around. I probably only have first first iPhone because Apple hadn’t a recycle/repurchase program yet.) But really, there are benefits and draw backs to everything.

Tech evolves, file formats change, phones break. Paper is static, doesn’t have batteries, doesn’t back up to the cloud (uness you can throw reaaaaaaalllllly faaaaaaaarrr).

In short, I’m impressed this is my first busted phone and cats do’t appreciate when you chuck notebooks around the house.

Also: I’m lucky that I am able to afford getting this thing repaired.

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