Portrait of the Artist as a Man
December 5, 2015

God isn’t fixing this

I awoke angry this morning. The news is so sad this last week and the response from anyone that could affect change is, at best, infuriating.

The New York Daily News (and the NY Times, but with less fervor) captured it for me.

God isn’t fixing this


For He had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For it had seized him many times;

-Luke 8:29

I took my gun
aimed it at my chest
and obliterated my heart
legions of pieces to spread
among the pigs

and thus elevated above
earthly fetters of love and grace
I tweet unto you:
“our prayers are with the victims,
their families.” we can wring our hands
and ask how could this possibly happen

but if I reload
and shotgun more scripture
over the herd; you will see
what great things I have done
for you

I will place a sign outside to remind
god’s grace: whites only
because god isn’t fixing this
for you


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