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March 16, 2021

Careers as adventure

Quests are actionable. They are understandable. They aren’t tasks. They are work with a bit of poetry. They are always front-of-mind, and if I’m not on a quest, my wife can confirm that my only goal at the point is, Find a quest.”

A title is a sign-post. It tells you where you are. A title is a comforting reminder of where you are, but what is more interesting is where you are going next and how you will get there. This will involve a quest. I stand firmly behind my career title opener because it begins a vital conversation; it’s starting a story with the human across the table, not about what title they want, but what quest they need to begin.

Source: https://randsinrepose.com/archives/you-are-going-on-a-quest/ by , Rands in Repose

I love this framing. My current workplace does this fairly well… or at least did - the newer generation of leaders seems much more linear advancement focused. My career exists because of the adjacent possibilities of whatever I’m currently doing.

It’s side quests becoming the quest.

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