Portrait of the Artist as a Man
October 20, 2016

Black, black, denim, and more black.

 So square.  So square. 

I got complimented on this look today. That’s two days in a row and three times this week. So to say people are noticing?

As to how this is affecting interactions, I have no observations yet but I feel more confident which will absolutely have an effect.


  • Old Navy v-neck sweater
  • Denizen dark jeans
  • Perry Ellis belt (reversible, black side out)
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Lash Out shoes
  • Unbranded UB901 selvedge raw denim jacket
  • Apple Watch 1 with black sport band

Jacket came yesterday. It’s amazing. The arms, shoulder, and length are perfect. It’s a little tight to button because of my belly but, as I discovered today, I’m down another half shirt size (ish) - medium straight cut from large fitted.

You can also see my necklace in the photo. That is a wampum bear given to me at a Lakota Sundance. I was the support for a friend who was dancing - I brought him water in the evenings, kept him sane. I’ve been wearing the necklace everyday since I was 14. 20 years.


  • iPad Pro (9.7in) with keyboard case
  • Apple Pencil
  • Saddleback Leather four card wallet
  • Baron Fig Squire pen
  • Weird little pull tab from a Prospector’s Cold Press

Mostly the same as before with a few changes. Need more stickers.

Photobomb by Minuet


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