Portrait of the Artist as a Man
April 4, 2021

A little sluggish

The wisdom of occasionally using these various stimulants for intellectual purposes is proved by a single consideration. Each of us has a little cleverness and a great deal of sluggish stupidity. There are certain occasions when we absolutely need the little cleverness 41 that we possess.

Source: The Project Gutenberg eBook of the Intellectual Life, by Philip Gilbert Hamerton. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/32151/32151-h/32151-h.htm

Clever turn of phrase I rather like. The previous passage on coffee tea/tobacco and stimulants was interesting insofar as smoking was thought to be harmless. Back when this was written, maybe they were less harmless?

But, also, there’s talk of the meal habits if famous intellectuals and they all include some amount of fasting. I KNOW I feel better when reducing the number of meals in a day… and yet I still struggle to do it regularly.

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