After the(successful) morning at Social Security, Alyska and I went down town to study, wander, and Ingress. I had my camera in tow. I forget just how magnificent the Capitol can be.

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" This man takes no shit ">  This man takes no shit  

Not enough bow ties in the world.

   <img src="_image.jpg" alt=" Medium Format with Tree Frame ">  Medium Format with Tree Frame  

There was a dude with a medium format, wet plate set up. He had to calculate and time the exposure for each plate.

  <img src="_image.jpg" alt="">
Up next A grey day on campus. Took my studies downtown today as an excuse to walk around. It was very grey and very few people were out. Dreary and cold and grey. But the This is Courtney I used to be more bashful about portraits, even with friends. Of late, I am more strongly compelled by my desire, if not need, to capture an
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